One Planet Retail

We introduce ethical brands to buyers
Together we can achieve great things

Developing great business working with the planet not against it.

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What we do

We introduce brands to buyers and a network of new commercial opportunities,
for the benefit of both brands and buyers.

We research and promote brands to alternative areas of retail business who are looking to meet the
ever-growing consumer demands for environmentally friendly, sustainable and cruelty free products.

We work to achieve your goals in a professional and engaging way by bringing ethical brands and buyers together.

Working to develop great business with the planet not against it.

Our Approach

We are a team of commercially minded engaging and creative professionals utilising our network of
contacts to introduce brands and buyers in the UK and internationally.

We work with commercially credible brands who are environmentally friendly, cruelty free and
use sustainable materials.

We work with buyers across the retail spectrum who recognise the growing consumer concerns and demands
for ethical, sustainable, and cruelty free products.

Our membership of APPGVV (all-party parliamentary group on vegan and vegetarianism) and APDAWG (all-party
parliamentary dog advisory welfare group) gives us an insight into some of the challenges we are facing in our
world today and has introduced us to a network of professional contacts and expertise associated with our
environment, human and animal welfare.

Our Values

We are honest, transparent and mindful of the urgent need to reduce the impact on our own future health, the
environment and wildlife conservation.

We work with brands who believe that their own positive commercial decisions and policy making must be
aligned in a caring and impactful way to make a real difference to the conservation of the planet 'our home'.
We work with buyers who share these values.

We support anti slavery, cruelty free, sustainable and environmentally friendly values.

We are looking to partner with charities whose work is based on research and data to enhance the future of
human, animal and environmental welfare.